Meet the Teacher!


Meet the Teacher day is coming up soon for many schools nationwide!!  This is our opportunity to set first impressions and begin positive relationships with students and their families.  Here is a great hands on activity that will dust the cobwebs out of our students brains that have been building up all summer!

Many students will not know how to approach this, so it is a good opportunity to walk students through a problem and reassure them that you will be a supportive teacher.  And parents will love watching you interact with your students in such a unique way!

Here’s the solution:

Fill up the 3-cup jar and pour it into the 5-cup jar.  Fill up the 3-cup jar again and pour as much as you can into the 5-cup jar.  There is now 1 cup of water left in the 3-cup jar.  Empty the 5-cup jar.  Pour the 1 cup of water from the 3-cup jar into the 5-cup jar.  Fill the 3-cup jar back up and pour it into the 5-cup jar.  There is now exactly 4 cups of water in the 5 cup jar!

Happy back to school!

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