Meet Matt Miller

Hello!  I am a middle school math teacher in central Phoenix.  I’ve been teaching for ten years, five in third grade and five in middle school math, where I currently teach.

I have a wife and 2 little rascals (2 and 3 yrs old).  At first glance, I may seem to be a pretty run of the mill kind of guy with a pretty run of the mill kind of family.  Recently, though, my fam and I decided we were going to be anything but.  We decided that with the talents God has given us and with the passion for life that has been brewing within, we were going to break out of the mold.  We decided that we would sacrifice an ordinary, go-with-the-flow style of living to exit our comfort zone, to be light in the world, to show others that there is a better, more satisfying way.


I have a unique gift and passion in engaging struggling adolescents  in mathematics and I opened a Teacherspayteachers store in 2015 to share my work.  I specialize in cooperative learning and activities with engaging contexts (such as superhero stories).  These activities have enabled me to connect with the middle school mind and make math fun for my students!  All of my products are centered around the Common Core standards.

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